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Waiver Report

The Waiver Report allows you to view the number of waivers being made, filtered by member type, requirement, and who the associated entities are.

How to Access the Waiver Report feature

Step 1:

From your home screen, select the "Reporting" tab to open the "Reporting Dashboard".

Image pointing to Reporting tab on features bar from main entity dashboard

Step 2:

Click on the "Waiver Report" tile.

Image pointing to Waiver report button on waiver report panel

Step 3:

Select your viewing setting preferences by clicking the "View by Affiliation" or "View by Rotation" button(s).

You can also utilize the optional filters to further specify your results which include "Start Date", "End Date", "Program", and "Requirement".

Image pointing by View by Affiliation and View by Rotation button(s), and highlighting state date, end date, requirement, program optional fields and the save button on waiver report

Step 4:

Click "Submit" button to view the report.

Generate CSV

Step 1:

Click the "Generate CSV" button if you wish to download the report in a CSV format and then click the button when it changes to "Download CSV".

Image pointing to Waiver Report page and highlighting Generate CSV button

Step 2:

View the results of your report. The report is broken down by requirement and provides the following information:

  • Members First Name
  • Members Last Name
  • Member Type(s)
  • Any tags associated with the member
  • Member's affiliated entities

report showing sortable header columns

Clicking on the "View Member's Entity Connection" button will open up a pop-up window showing all entities that members' requirement effects.

Clicking on the entity name will open up the entity's info page.

Click the "OK" button to exit the pop-up window.

You are now able to access general information related to the entity. You can click on the "Contact" tab to see contact information for that entity.

Image pointing to Entity Name link on Connection pop out and ok exit button.

Image pointing to contact tab on the general info page of entity

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