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Coordinator Communications Report
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Coordinator Communications Report

The Coordinator Communications Report allows you to run and export results of contacts based on filter choices.

To Run a Report:

Step 1:

From your home screen, click on "Reporting". image shows reporting tab

Step 2:

In the Reporting Dashboard click on the "Coordinator Communications" tile. image shows coordinator communications tile

Step 3:

Select the following filters to meet your needs:

  • Partners, start by typing the name of the partner entity you want to show.
  • Programs, narrow the results down further by Program.
  • Select the Partner Types, if you just want to show Schools or Clinical Sites.

Click "Search" to view your results.
image shows the report filter fields

NOTE: Skip the filters if you wish to see all Coordinators and click "Search".

To Run a New Report:

Click the "Reset" button to clear the filters and start afresh. image shows reset button

To Export:

Export your results to a CSV.

Click "Export" to export the report to a CSV and then click "Download CSV" button. image shows Export Selected tab

To Broadcast

This will allow you to send an email to the preferred users' ACEMAPP inbox.

Step 1:

Select the coordinator you would like to email. image showing coordinator results highlighting select checkbox

Step 2:

Click on the "Email Selected" button. image highlighting Email Selected button

Step 3:

Follow the screen prompts to Compose and Send a message. image shows email prompts

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