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Expiring Member Report

Expiring Member Report

The Expiring Member Report shows members, by member type, which have an expiring requirement within an indicated, upcoming number of days.

Step 1:

From your home screen click "Reporting" to open the Reporting Dashboard.

box with an arrow pointing to the reporting option

Step 2:

Click the "Expiring Members Report" to open the report.

box with an arrow pointing to expiring members report

Step 3:

Running the Report

Select the specific view by (Affiliation or Rotation) option.

box with an arrow pointing to "by affiliation" and "by rotation" options

Step 4:

Select the "Member Type", the "Days" selection (Within the next: 10, 30, 60, 90 days), and select the "type" of data (Requirements (Standard, Tied, One-Off), Assessments, or SCORM courses).

box with an arrow pointing to "member type", "within the next . . . ", and "data type" filters

Optional Filters:

If you have data with tags on you, you can find the tag by selecting the drop-down box.
You can also select a specific program to narrow down your results.

box with an arrow pointing to "tag" and "program" optional filters

Step 5:

Click "**Submit"** to see your results.

box with an arrow pointing to the green "submit" button

Report Results

The report shows: name, email address, tags, and the total expiring items found for the user within the select days.

To view the expiring items

Click the "View" icon to open the Expiring Items page.

box with an arrow pointing to the view (eyeball) icon

The Expiring Items page lists the name of all the items, the item type (assessment, requirement, etc.), the date it expires, and from where the requirement originated.

NOTE: If the Origin provides a link, you can click to open that Member Manage Requirements page.

table that lists student's expiring requirements

Expiring Items Page

Changing the Time-Span in Expiring Items view

On the top-right of the screen, select a different time span by clicking the current day's selection and updating for another time span.

Click "Update Time-Span" to update the page.

box with an arrow pointing to a drop-down menu and a green "update time span" button

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