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References - Preceptor/Faculty content

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References - Preceptor/Faculty

References - Preceptor/Faculty

After successfully completing a rotation you where assigned to, you can now leave professional references for those students attached to that rotation.

Step 1:

From your home screen, click 'View Rotations".

image screenshot member dashboard highlighting View Rotations button

Step 2:

The rotation must be completed in order to give a reference, click on "Completed" to filter the rotation table.

image rotation filters

Step 3:

Find the rotation and click "View" in the Actions column.

image screenshot rotation table pointing to View button

Step 4:

Find the student you wish to leave a reference for. Click on the blue "Write Reference" button located on the right.

image screenshot member list pointing to Write Reference button

Step 5:

Reference Editor

Enter a title and then fill in the body of the reference.
When done, click "Save".

image screenshot Reference Editor screen pointing to required Title and Body fields, highlighting Save button.