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Welcome Email - Resend

When you set-up a student, preceptor or member for ACEMAPP a Welcome Email is sent to that individual sending them a link to sign-in and finish creating their account. If that member did not click the link and not signed in to ACEMAPP you can resend them the Welcome Email.

Find the member to resend the Welcome Email to.

Step 1:

From your home screen, click on the "Members" tab.

image screenshot dashboard highlighting Members button

Step 2:

Select the appropriate filter, member type by affiliation (Schools) or member type by rotation (Clinical Entities).

image screenshot members drop-down highlighting Affiliation and Rotation columns

Step 3:

Find the member (Hint: sort the table by Last Login).

image screenshot Member Table pointing to Last Log in sort and Edit icon

Step 4:

In the Actions column, click the "Edit" (pencil) icon.

Step 5:

If the member has not logged in, you will see a "Welcome Email Resend" button in the left Navigation pane, click the "Welcome Email Resend" button.

image screenshot edit profile navigation pane pointing to Welcome Email Resend button

Step 6:

In the Welcome Email Resend screen, put a checkmark in the box to resend.

Click Save.

image screenshot Welcome Email Resend screen pointing to required checkbox and Save button

NOTE: The Welcome Email Resend button will not be visible if the member has already signed in.

Member Types:
A Member Type is any member which you or someone with the same level access as you, will enter into ACEMAPP.

That list will include:

  • Student
  • Faculty (Clinical/Classroom)
  • Preceptor
  • Mentor
  • Mentee
  • Observers
  • Volunteers
  • High School Students
User Types:
A User Type is any individual your Entity or Organization would like to add with similar access to ACEMAPP as your own.

This is an Admin or Coordinator type access.

This type can only be set up by ACEMAPP Support.