Preceptor Assignment Report

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Preceptor Assignment Report

Preceptor Assignment Report

The Preceptor Assignment Report lists preceptors and shows the current rotation(s) they are assigned to.

Step 1:

From your home screen, click "Reporting" to open the Reporting Dashboard.

image shows the Reporting tab in nav bar

Step 2:

On the Reporting Dashboard click the "Preceptor Assignment Report" tile to open the report filters.

reporting dashboard page pointing to Preceptor Assignment Report tile

Step 3:

The Report Filters are optional:

Member's Program(s):
Runs the report for just those listed Program(s).

NOTE: You can only search programs that you yourself have with your entity.

Focus Areas:
Runs the report looking for just the listed Focus or Specialty Areas.
Rotations, staring on or after:
Searches for preceptors assigned to a rotation that started on or after this date.
Rotations, ending on or before:
Searches for preceptors assigned to a rotation that ends before or on this date.
Rotation Status:
Needs Info
Archived (Completed)

The default when none are selected are:

  • Pending
  • Pre-Approved
  • Needs Info
  • Approved

NOTE: Selecting Archived (Completed) will net all completed rotations and may take a while to compile the report. Please do not leave/refresh your screen.

Step 4:

Click the "Submit" button to run the report and view your results.

report filters section pointing to Submit button

Optional Export CSV:

To export the results to a CSV, in the Results section, click "Generate CSV" to compile the results into a CSV file.

results section pointing to Generate CSV button

Click the newly created "Download CSV" when it becomes available.