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ACEMAPP Reporting

ACEMAPP Reporting

ACEMAPP's Reporting feature allows administrators and clinical coordinators to pull needed information from the system quickly. Coordinators can select from the multiple reporting options and build and save custom reports for regularly ran queries.

Reports allow coordinators the ability to view and export data from the system. Coordinators can also email members directly from the system in the list of results.

To review all of the available reports in ACEMAPP, select "Reporting" from your home screen.

Arrow pointing to the "Reporting" button on the home page.

For information on some commonly used ACEMAPP Reports, please refer to the following guides:

  • Badge Report - View a list of the badges created within a set time frame.
  • Community Benefit Report - This report allows you to enter a specific dollar amount to calculate community benefit.
  • Coordinator Communication Report - This report allows you to run and export contact information for coordinators from partnering organizations.
  • Custom User Report - This report allows you to pick and choose which user data you would like to view and export.
  • Incomplete Members Report - This report lists any members that have not completed all requirements for a specific program.
  • LMS Report - This report allows you to review complete or incomplete member assessments and SCORM courses.
  • Requirement Report - This report shows the current status of a member(s) requirements.
  • Rotation Preparedness Report - This report allows you to view the completeness of members assigned to rotations.
  • Waiver Report - This report allows you to view a list of members who have a waiver applied to their account for a requirement.

If direct reporting assistance is needed, please contact ACEMAPP Customer Support at 844-223-4292 or email