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Reporting Features

Reporting Features

Reporting allows coordinators to quickly pull information such as “Rotation Preparedness”, “Incomplete Users”, “Rotation Calendars”, and more. Coordinators may also build and save custom reports based on member data, rotation data, requirement data, or assessment data in any order.

Each report contains a variety of filters. This will allow you to view, email, and/or export only the data you need. You can also download spreadsheets of any report to keep for your records. If the report you need doesn't already exist, talk with someone from our team about having it created!

ACEMAPP Reports Include:

  • Candidate Count Report: View counts of candidates by specialty, profession, and home state.
  • Case and Time Log Hours Report: View a list of members and their total case log and time log hours with filters.
    • Note: Total case log hours will only include case logs that are directly attached/linked directly to a corresponding time log within this report.
  • Community Benefit Report: This report allows you to enter a specific dollar amount to calculate community benefit.
  • Coordinator Communications Report: Find, export, and email contacts with who you have partnerships in ACEMAPP.
  • Custom User Report: This report allows you to pick and choose which user data you would like to view and export.
    • To watch a video on running this report, click here.
  • Document Approval Report: This report allows you to see a list of required documents. The report includes how, when, and by whom member requirements have met their completion. Filters include the document's approval status (Approved, Denied, Pending) and also date ranges.
  • Email Opt-Out Report: View members who have chosen to opt-out of receiving ACEMAPP emails. This report will display member names, email addresses, and the type(s) of email notifications they have opted out of.
  • Expiring Members Report: View members who have expiring compliance items within a set time frame (i.e., 30-days, 60-days, etc.).
  • Forms Report: View hour totals for courses on an individual basis.
  • Incomplete User Report: This report shows all users who are non-compliant.
  • LMS Report: Use this report by selecting an assessment and seeing who has/has not completed the assessment.
    • For example: View all students or faculty who have yet to complete their BBP assessment.
  • Jobs System Usage Report View your entity's jobs system activity by 30-day, 90-day, and one-year time periods.
  • Member Assignment Report: View a list of members who are assigned to current rotations.
  • On-Site Report: View a list of members that are currently in an active rotation.
  • Opportunity Count Report: View counts of opportunities by specialty, profession, and state.
  • Partner Rotation Report: View a list of your partnering organizations by program with counts of rotations and members joined to the rotations. Filter by partner, program, rotation dates, and rotation statuses.
  • Preceptor Assignment Report: View a list of preceptors who are assigned to current rotations.
  • Preceptor Time Report: This report gives you a quick view of the sum total of hours each preceptor has accumulated, based on approved time logs. Filters include date range and specialty.
  • Requirement Report: Use this report by selecting specific requirements and seeing who has/has not completed the requirement.
  • Requirement Ownership Report: Displays members whose approval is needed for requirements.
  • Rotation Member Report: View a list of members based on their past or present rotation assignment. This report provides details for members such as name, email, phone, address, and basic rotation information.
  • Rotation Preparedness Report: This report allows you to view the completeness of members assigned to rotations. For any rotation where there is a member with a missing item, the heading/title bar will be red.
  • Rotation Query: View rotation queries.
  • Schedule Report: View schedules for members based on their rotation assignments. Use the optional filters to narrow down by program, unit, experience, course, or partner. You may view results in either a calendar or list format.
  • Unit Availability Report: This report allows you to choose one of your partner organizations and view potential availability on their units.
  • Unit Placement Report: The Unit Placement Report will let you quickly see schedules for each of your units or particular units based on the selections you make. You may view this report in a list format (which is exportable as a PDF) or as a calendar.
  • Utilization Report: See a breakdown of your approved rotations in a graphical format.
  • Waiver Report: View members who have a requirement waiver applied to their account for a specific requirement.