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Preceptors - Your Profile Page

Preceptors - Your Profile Page

I'm a Preceptor in ACEMAPP, now what? Some students have the capability to search for a preceptor and request a rotation from them. Your profile provides the information that they are searching for.

Set up your preceptor account:

Step 1:

Navigate to your Profile. You may already be on this page when you log in, if not complete the steps below:

  • Click on your "Name" in the top right-hand corner of your screen.
  • Click on the "Profile" button.

Image preceptor account pointing to profile and name

Step 2:

  • Fill in all the required Profile fields.
  • Profile sections that are incomplete have a red X denoted
  • Profile sections that are complete have a green check denoted
  • Profile sections that are optional have a grey dash denoted

NOTE: Profile fields that are required have an orange bar denoted.

Image pointing to required field color key, the incomplete indictor, the complete indicator and the optional indicator for profile fields

  • Click "Save" to save your changes for each section.

Image pointing to Save button

Step 3:

Complete the Preceptor Section of your profile. See the steps below:

  • In the Navigation panel.
  • Click the "Preceptor" button.
    • The Preceptor page allows you to turn your schedule on or off, make your profile public (within ACEMAPP) so students can search and request a rotation. A plethora of different Search Fields, all of which are used for students to search for available preceptors.
  • Click "Save & Manage Schedules" to save your changes and then open the Schedule page.

Image pointing to navigation panel, preceptor tab, save & manage schedules button, accepting new rotations toggle, and public profile toggle

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