Preceptors - Managing Your Schedule

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Preceptors - Managing Your Schedule

Preceptors - Managing Your Schedule

This page shows all entities which you are connected to as a Preceptor. You can provide your availability based on your partnership(s). You may release your schedule to students so they can see your availability. If you are missing an entity and would like to have it added to your ACEMAPP affiliations, please contact the coordinator for them to send you an invitation link.

To find your "Preceptor Schedule" you will click the the" Preceptor Schedule" tab at the top of your home page or find it under the "More" tab. image shows where to find the Preceptor Schedule under the More tab

Step 1:

Fill in your "Name" and "Title".
Fill in any Contact Details you wish to include.
Fill in the Address or click the Match Entity Address to have the address fill-in automatically.

Image pointing to Name, Title, Contact Details, Address, and Match Entity Address fields on Preceptor Schedule page

Step 2:

Select your Status at the facility (employee, affiliate, independent, etc.).
Select your "Schedule Status" (Active or Inactive). Enter any Notes regarding this schedule.

Image pointing to Status at Facility dropdown, Schedule Status dropdown, Schedule Notes section on Preceptor Schedule panel

Step 3:

Schedule, fill in the "Shift Start Time" and a "Shift End Time" (Use a 24h format).

Click "Save" to save your changes.

Image pointing to Shift Start and Shift End columns as well as Save button on Preceptor Schedule page

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