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Member Status Types

Member Status Types

ACEMAPP uses statuses to denote the members connection to your school/site.

Active: Members who have active ACEMAPP accounts. They are eligible to be updated, managed, and assigned to clinical rotations.

On-Hold: Members who are not currently active in ACEMAPP, but may need to be active again in the future.
(For example: An adjunct faculty that may not be teaching for a semester or a student that is taking a semester leave.)

Graduated: Members who have successfully graduated from their program, or whose accounts have reached their "Access End Date".

Withdrawn: Members who no longer need access to ACEMAPP and the access end date does not apply.
(For example: a student that has dropped from their program)

Pending Member Approval: Members who have been invited to affiliate with an organization, but have not yet approved the request.

Pending Entity Approval: Members who have requested to affiliate with an organization, but have not yet been approved or denied.

Things to consider:
1. A member who has not logged in within 18 months of account creation, or who have not logged in to their profile in more than 18 months, will be moved to an “on hold” status.
2. Members who have accounts that have remained in an on-hold status for 1 year will be moved to a "withdrawn" status.
3. Member accounts that have reached their Access End Date will be placed in a "Graduated" status.
4. If a member is moved from a Withdrawn or Graduated status back to Active, an affiliation request email and system notification will be sent to the member. The member then will be put into the "Pending Member Approval" status until they have accepted the re-affiliation with your organization.

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