Accepting an ACEMAPP Invitation

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Accepting an ACEMAPP Invitation

Accepting an ACEMAPP Invitation

Schools use the ACEMAPP invitations system to invite clinical faculty to affiliate with their program. It is also used to connect students with an existing ACEMAPP account.

To accept an invitation email from ACEMAPP:

Step 1:

Click on the link within seven days of the sent date. If you attempt to use the link after the 7-day expiration, you will receive an error message and need to contact your school coordinator for a new invitation link.
image example email invitation

Step 2:

Do you already have an ACEMAPP account? Log into your existing ACEMAPP account. Otherwise, click the "Click Here to Sign Up" and Skip to Only if you Do Not have an ACEMAPP account. image example login screen from invitation highlighting Don't have an account yet section

Step 3:

After you log into your ACEMAPP account, you will see a Pending Affiliation Request(s). Click on the orange notification.
image Example Notification section highlight "You have a pending affiliation request" button

You can also access this through the "Manage Affiliation"" tab on your home screen nav-bar. image example nav bar highlighting manage affiliations button

NOTE: If you do not see the "Manage Affiliations" button on your nav-bar, click the "More" button, and find the "Manage Affiliations" in the dropdown menu.

Step 4:

To accept the request, click the green checkbox and then click "Save" in the pop-up.
image Pending Affiliations table highlight Accept and Deny button

image Approve Affiliation confirmation message highlighting Save button

Only if you Do Not have an ACEMAPP account

Step 1:

After you click to sign up for an ACEMAPP account, you will register by completing all the required fields and clicking "Register".
image Example Registration screen

After completion, you will get a notification directing you to the email account associated with your ACEMAPP account.
image example Success Message screen

Step 2:

The ACEMAPP New Member Verification email will prompt you to "click here" or copy/paste the link into a new browser.
image example Confirmation email pointing to link to confirm activation.

Step 3:

After the verification, you will have access to your ACEMAPP account upon consenting to the Terms of Use.
image Example Terms of Use

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