Accessing a Member's ePortfolio

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Accessing a Member's ePortfolio content

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Accessing a Member's ePortfolio

Accessing a Member's ePortfolio

Accessing a student's ePortfolio to see their educational, professional, and any extra-curricular accomplishments they have uploaded into ACEMAPP.

Step 1:

From your home screen, click "Members" and then under the Affiliation or Rotation column, select the appropriate member type to open the Manage Members table.

image user dashboard highlighting member Affiliation column

Step 2:

In the Actions column, select the "Manage" (gear icon) to open the Manage Member screen.
image member table pointing to Manage icon in Actions column

Step 3:

On the Member Manage screen, click on "View ePortfolio" to open that member's ePortfolio.

manage member screen pointing to view portfolio button

NOTE: The member controls the view settings to their ePortfolio.

Items marked private will be visible only to the member.
Items marked as protected will be visible to any ACEMAPP member while they are logged in.
Items marked public are visible to anyone on the internet.

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