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This article will walk you through the steps to add a new admin user to your school and/or clinical site in ACEMAPP.

To add a new admin user to your organization:

Step 1:

From your organization home page, select "More" to expand the drop-down menu. Then, select "Permissions".

Arrow pointing to "More", and arrow pointing to "Permissions"

Step 2:

In your Permissions table, select "Add Admin" in the upper-left corner.

arrow pointing to "Add Admin" button

Step 3:

On the Add Admin page, enter all of the required fields, denoted by the orange bar to the left of each field. To add certain permissions and/or programs, click into the related fields and select from the drop-down menu. You can also click the green check box to the right of that field to select all. There is also a "Note" section to provide Customer Support with more details regarding the new user.

In the Add Admin section, clicking the "Copy My Access" button will pre-populate the Add Admin access forms Add Features and Add Programs fields to match your current access and programs.

Image of Add Admin screen pointing to Copy My Access button

At minimum, we would recommend selecting the following fields*:

  • Broadcast & CMS
  • Entity Partnership Directory
  • Entity Referrals
  • General Entity Items
  • Member Affiliation System
  • Requirements System
  • Rotation System

Once you have all of the fields entered, click the "Send Request" button. Your request will be sent to our Customer Support team to add the new user account.**

image shows add new user form

If you have any questions or would like to check on the status of your request, please call us at 844-223-4292, or you may email us at

*Please note that these items may vary based on your organization's setup in ACEMAPP. Please contact customer support for any questions.

**Please allow 24-48 hours for the request to be processed.

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