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Create Single Rotation

Create a Single Rotation

Step 1:

From your home screen, select "Create Rotation".
image screen shot user home screen pointing to Create Rotation button

Step 2:

Select the Program, find and select the Partner(s) by clicking in the search box and start typing the first few characters of the name, and then select the Experience type of rotation by selecting from the drop-down menu.

image screen shot user homescreen pointing to Create Rotation button

NOTE: If the site that you are wanting to request a rotation with does not appear in the site selection drop-down, it is because your school does not have a partnership status in ACEMAPP with this program. You will need to request an affiliation with the site and have the request approved by them prior to creating a rotation with them. For more information please see our related articles listed below.

Step 3:

Confirm that your details are correct. Once saved, the program, experience, and selected partners (entities) will not be able to be changed.
Click "Save"

Step 4:

Once you click Save, the Rotation will be created with a unique number and will open on your screen allowing you to edit the rotation.

NOTE: In order for the Rotation to create and save correctly, every required field in the Edit Box must be filled in. The available fields in the Edit Box may be different depending on the information requested by the various clinical sites.

image example screenshot highlighting required flag

NOTE: Make sure to fill in all required fields prior to clicking "SAVE".

image example screenshot highlighting save button

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