Course Assignment - Removing Members

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Course Assignment - Removing Members

Course Assignment - Removing Members

Remove Students & Faculty (Course Admins) from a Course Assignment.

Step 1:

From your home screen, click "Rotations" to open the Rotations table.
image shows Rotation tab

Step 2:

Select the "Course Assignment" filter tab.

Select the appropriate status (Approve, Pending, Etc) of the Course Assignment.
image Rotations table highlighting Course filter

NOTE: The "Completed" tab will display all complete course assignments. You will not be able to update Faculty or Students on these as they are already completed.

Step 3:

Click the "Edit" (pencil) icon in the Actions column next to the course you would like to edit.
image Rotations table highlighted edit icon in Actions column

Step 4:

Select the Student or Faculty tab to open that table.

image edit Rotation nav-bar highlighting Students tab

Step 5:

Check the "Remove" checkbox next to the member to remove that member.

image edit Rotation pointing to checkbox next to student name in Remove column

NOTE: This step is used to remove any manageable member type associated with the Course. Selecting the appropriate tab (Student, High School Student, Faculty, etc) open that member types table allowing selection/removing of members from the Course.

Step 6:

When your edits are complete, click the "Save Changes" button to finish.
image Save Changes button


What does the 'Allow Faculty Document Access' toggle mean?

This will allow your Faculty to manage and review student's documents.

image Edit Rotation screen showing Allow Faculty Document toggle

What do you mean by 'Members'?

Members are a user type that you as a Coordinator can add or remove from the Course Assignment. These may include, but not limited to, High School Students, Students, Volunteers, and Faculty (Classroom or Clinical).

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