Create/Add Course Info for Rotation Requests

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Create/Add Course Info for Rotation Requests

Rotation Management – How to Create/Add Course Info for Rotations

This article will outline how to create courses for rotations, as well as how to add additional course information in ACEMAPP.

Create New Course

Step 1:

From your home screen click on the "Courses" button.

If you can not see the "Courses" button on your home screen nav-bar, click on the "More" button and select the "Courses" button in the drop-down.

Image pointing to More and Courses tabs on features tab on School User homepage

Step 2:

To create a new course, click the "Create New Course" button.

Complete the required fields noted by a orange tab.

Be sure to click "Save" at the bottom.

Image pointing to Course Number required field, Course name field, Description field and required key with an orange bar on Create New course popup

Step 3 (Optional):

You can also upload the syllabus associated with your course utilizing the "Browse" tab on the "Syllabus File" field.

Image pointing to Browse button in Syllabus File field and Save button on Create Course page

NOTE: Only one syllabus file is stored per course. Uploading a new one will overwrite the old one. The course will be listed as an option on the "Course" drop-down on the "Edit" request panel of your rotation.

Update Existing Course

Step 1:

To edit an existing course, access the "Courses" tab from your nav-bar.

Click on the "Edit" (pencil) icon listed in the Actions column for the desired course.

Image pointing to pencil icon under Actions column on Manage Courses table

Step 2:

Update the course information and click "Save".

Delete an Active Course

If you wish to delete this course from your list of active courses, click the "Delete" button located in the "Navigation" panel.

Image pointing to Save button on general course panel and the Delete tab under Navigation panel on edit course page

Next, confirm your desire to delete this course and click the "Delete" button.

Image pointing to delete button on delete panel in edit course page

Please refer to the related article listed below regarding rotation creation in reference to courses.

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