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Rotation Rosters

Rotation Rosters

Rotation rosters are used to keep track of which members (students, faculty, etc.) are attending each clinical site. The rotation roster gives the clinical site access to view member compliance records and profile data, in addition to the clinical rotation information, which is used for onboarding.

The clinical rotation roster is sent to the clinical site once the following criteria are met:

  1. The clinical rotation is in Approved status.
  2. All members assigned to the rotation roster have completed all of their requirements, assessments, and other onboarding items.

NOTE: The roster sends only if at least one member has been assigned to the rotation and is fully compliant.


How do I know if my roster has been sent to the Clinical Site?

On your rotation table, there is a column labeled: Roster Sent. Here, you see a red X or a green checkmark. If this column has a red X, at least one member assigned to rotation is not complaint. Once all members are compliant, the Roster is automatically sent to the Clinical Site, and this column is updated to a green checkmark.

Box highlighting the "Roster Sent" column on the "View Rotations" page.

The members assigned to the rotation are compliant, but my roster has not been sent.

When you assign members a rotation, there is a toggle at the bottom of the page, which asks if the Roster is complete. This toggle is set to Yes by default and sends the roster to the clinical site once all members are fully compliant.

NOTE: The system checks and sends the roster each night.

If this toggle is set to No, the roster is not sent automatically (you have to use the Run Roster Sender feature manually).

Image shows a box highlighting the toggle for "is this roster complete?" on the page where members are assigned to the rotation.

What if I need to make a change to my assigned members, but the roster has already been sent?

You can make a change to the assigned members, even if the roster has already been sent. Once you make the change, and the new member has completed all requirements and assessments, an updated roster is sent to the Clinical Site to notify them of the change and provide any new information.

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