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Employee Designation - Student

Employee Designation - Student

How do I request to be an employee of my ACEMAPP clinical site employer?

Congratulations on becoming an employee at a clinical site at an ACEMAPP Clinical Site or School. If you would like to be affiliated as an employee of a clinical site/school that uses ACEMAPP, please follow these steps.

Step 1:

Log in to your ACEMAPP Account. From your home screen, click the "Manage Affiliations" button.

NOTE: If you do not see the Manage Affiliations button on your home screen, click the "More" button to open additional items. image shows to select more tab to find Manage Affiliations

Step 2:

Scroll down to find the appropriate member table (if you have more than one: faculty, student, etc.), Click "Request New Affiliation" box. image show Request New Affiliation box

Step 3:

Select your "Member Type" from the drop-down. image shows to select member type

Select the "Entity" that you are employed with. image shows to select Entity employer

Step 4:

Select the "Program" that you belong to. image shows to select program

Select "Yes" as you are requesting to affiliate as an employee of this site. image shows to select yes to employee status

Click "Submit" when finished. image shows to select Submit

NOTE: Your affiliation request has been sent to the ACEMAPP Coordinator for your site and program. Just like a friend request on social media sites, your ACEMAPP site coordinator must approve this request.

Under the My Active Affiliations Table, you should see a Pending Entity Approval tab. The request will remain here until it is approved. image shows pending entity approval tab

When your employer has accepted the employee affiliation, you will see it under Active. image shows Active affiliations tab


How do I know if they accepted my request to be an employee?

On your My Active Affiliations Table (Step 2) you should see a "Pending Entity Approval" tab. If your request is in "Pending Entity Approval", that means a coordinator has yet to approve your request.

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