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Feedback on Evaluations

Evaluations - Responding to Feedback

ACEMAPP Evaluations can be set-up to request feedback that is tied to a user in ACEMAPP, we call this the Feedback Loop.  This allows feedback to be shared between the Evaluator and Evaluatee. Evaluations with a feedback loop are not anonymous; you can see the evaluation and any comment the evaluator provided.
If you were asked to complete an evaluation and want to provide feedback to the evaluator, follow these steps:

Step 1:

There is a notification on your homepage stating, “You have an evaluation awaiting feedback.”
Click on the Notification
image screen shot of You have an evaluation awaiting feedback

Step 2:

On the Evaluation page, find the Feedback section.
Click on the Feedback icon next to the Evaluation Name.
image Feedback box pointing to feedback icon

Step 3:

From the entries page, click on the Pencil icon (edit) for the Evaluation to provide feedback.
image Feedback entry pointing to edit button 

The Evaluation opens, showing the evaluator Signature, as well as the feedback, is given, and their answers to the evaluation itself.

Step 4:

Provide feedback, type your feedback in the text area.
image printscreen of Entry View showing feedback box

Step 5:

Signature, provide your electronic signature in the box provided.
image printscreen of signature box

Step 6:

Click the checkbox under the signature to show that you agree to the terms and conditions.
image screenshot of check box to agree

Step 7:

Once done, click the Submit button.
image submit button 

Once you finalize the evaluation by clicking Submit, the feedback is sent back to the evaluator to view.

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