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Evaluation - Attach to Rotation

Have you ever wished you could collect feedback from an ACEMAPP member who was assigned to your rotation(s)? As a Clinical Coordinator or School User, you can create multiple evaluations (as templates) and attach the template to specific rotations.

Currently, this is an optional feature that must be enabled by ACEMAPP in order to be available for your organization. Evaluations can be customized! Please contact ACEMAPP for support matching your specific needs.

Step 1:

From your dashboard (home page), click "View Rotations".

image user nav-bar highlighting View Rotations button

Step 2:

Find the Rotation(s) you wish to attach the evaluation to. Click the "checkbox" next to the rotation(s).
image Rotations Table highlighting Action checkbox

Step 3:

Click the "Attach Evaluation" button.

image Rotations nav-bar highlighting Attach Evaluation button

Step 4:

The attach evaluation page will open with the rotation(s) selected. From the "Attached Evaluations" column, you will be able to see if any evaluations are already attached.

image Attach Evaluation to Rotation table

Step 5:

Select an evaluation from the "drop-down". Under the "Confirm" column, uncheck the box if you do not wish to send the evaluation.

image Attach Evaluation to Rotation dropdown

Step 6:

Click "Save".

image save button

Congratulations! Anyone attached to this rotation will receive a notification prompting them to complete the evaluation.

Note: You may click "Evaluations" from your dashboard to review all evaluations you currently have available.
image user nav-bar highlighting Evaluations table

Interested in setting this up today? Contact your ACEMAPP Account Manager or ACEMAPP support for more details.

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