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Create Student Accounts

Create Student Accounts

As a school or clinical coordinator, you can create student accounts Individually (One-by-One) or with the Bulk Upload New Member spreadsheet.

Please refer the following articles to learn more:
- Create Individual Account (One-by-One)
- Bulk Uploading New Member (create multiple accounts with one upload)

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Create Individual Account (One-by-One)
To create your members account, you can use the 'Add One' feature.
It is helpful to group members in ACEMAPP using tags. You can create tags for students by graduating class, cohort, or any other way that may be beneficial. Members can have multiple different tags as well.
Bulk Uploading New Member
Bulk uploading members is a quick and efficient way to add new members for management within the ACEMAPP system. Use the Invitation system to invite existing members to a new organization or to change their program.
Guest School FAQ
Here are some common questions and answers for getting your student(s) set up in ACEMAPP. This information should provide more information about the entire process from logging in to verifying your student's
Setting Access/Due Date
Setting Access/Due Date. When creating a new student account, it is required for you to enter a Due Date.  The Due Date refers to the student(s) membership period.  Their membership lasts for 365 days
Assign Students to a Course
Assign Students to a Course You may assign students and course admins to all required courses for their program at once. Their courses and requirements will not be visible until the course start date.
Approving Member Affiliation Incoming/Outgoing Requests
Manage affiliations of students or members that are still pending approval, either your approval or theirs.