Manage Partnerships - Approve & Deny Requests

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Manage Partnerships - Approve & Deny Requests

Manage Partnerships - Approve & Deny Requests

The Partnership Directory is where you can see all your partnerships. You can request additional partnerships, see pending partnerships, see outgoing partnerships, and view and manage any documents associated with your partnerships.

Step 1:

From your home screen, click "Partnerships" to open up the partnerships screen.

NOTE: If your organization is using the Directory System, this button may say "Directory". You are able to manage any documents specific to this entity as well as see details about that entity.

image user navbar highlighting Partnerships button

Step 2:

To approve any incoming partnerships, click the "Incoming" button at the top.

image Partnership Directory pointing to the incoming button

Step 3:

The list of all your incoming partnerships will be displayed here.

Look for the desired school or clinical site under "Partner Name" and click the "Manage Partnerships" (pencil) icon.

image incoming partnership table pointing to the edit icon "Manage Partnership"

Step 4:

To approve or deny the partnership request for the school or clinical site, click on the drop-down under "Status," fill in a "Note," in the note area, this note is then forwarded to the requestor of the partnership.

image Incoming Partnership highlighting the set status, notes, and review dates.

Step 5:

Once all of the desired fields have been completed, click "Save" to save your changes.

NOTE: The review date does not actually do anything in the system. It is just an additional tool to help manage your partnerships within ACEMAPP. Reminder emails will not be sent, and the system will not remove the partnership if this date lapses.

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