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ACEMAPP Careers - Managing Opportunities

Managing Opportunities

Moving Deleted Opportunities to Active

Now you can revive an Opportunity from deleted back to online.

Step 1:

From your home screen, click the Manage Jobs tab.

image of users home screen highlighting Manage Jobs tab

Step 2:

Click the Deleted filter tab to show all Deleted jobs.

image of Manage Jobs screen highlighting Deleted filter tab

Step 3:

Find the Opportunity you will like to move to online, click the green Move Online button.

The Opportunity will be cloned from the original and given a new ID number and will then receive new matches once you are done with final edits and clicked Save.

image Opportunity action column highlighting green Move Online button

Step 4:

Click the General tab to update or change any info on the General tab of the Opportunity.

  • Make any edits as needed.

image Reactive screen highlighting Save button.

Step 5:

Click Save to save your changes.

image of a save button

Step 6:

Click the Managers tab to change the Manager for this Opportunity.

image Navigation panel highlighting Managers tab

Step 7:

Click Save to save your changes.

image of a save button

Step 8:

Click the Status icon to change the Status for this Opportunity.

Select the Status (Offline, Online, Deleted).

Click Save to save your changes.

image of status form

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