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Post Faculty Jobs

Post Faculty Jobs

ACEMAPP Careers allows you to connect with qualified professionals. Start by posting your job opportunity using the following process.

Step 1:

From your community home screen, select the "Create New Job" tab. image shows the create jobs tab in the home screen nav bar

Step 2:

Select "Nursing Faculty" from the Professions drop-down and click "Save". image indicates to choose nursing faculty in professions

Step 3:

Name the opportunity, complete Description and other fields as needed. Make sure to "Save". image shows general fields to complete image shows the description field and save button

Step 4:

In the Navigation table, you can

  1. Review the opportunity details in General. ("Save")

    image shows the general information fields again

  2. Assign Managers in Managers. ("Save")

    image shows how to assign members

  3. Complete billing steps in Payment. ("Save")

    image shows payment details

Step 5:

You can review/update the job later by selecting the "Manage Jobs" tab. image shows manage jobs tab in nav bar image shows the manage jobs area