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Accessing Your ACEMAPP Transcript
Your ACEMAPP transcript is a great way to review and export the personal information that you store in ACEMAPP. Your ACEMAPP transcript includes your general profile information, requirements & assessments history, your rotation history, and more.
Central Dashboard - Student
The Central Dashboard connects you to other aspects of ACEMAPP and provides a single central hub to connect to your member account(s).
Change Logs
User Specific Change Logs - The User Specific Change Log allows you to quickly view any changes to the system that will directly impact you.
Coordinator Contact
The Coordinator Contact Form allows you the ability to update your contact information and share with other coordinators.
Create A Password
ACEMAPP follows industry standards for password security and utilizes a password strength meter, which requires passwords to be at a minimum strength of 2 (out of 4). The system will dynamically show you the password score as you type and will provide feedback.
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