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Completing Your Profile
Member Types:
Profile Completion affects compliance. Review to understand what is necessary in each section to show completion.
Create A Password
Member Types:
ACEMAPP follows industry standards for password security and utilizes a password strength meter, which requires passwords to be at a minimum strength of 2 (out of 4). The system will dynamically show you the password score as you type and will provide feedback.
Custom Fields
Member Types:
Your clinical site may want to capture specific information from you. This is collected in the Custom Fields section of your Student Home. They can also be found in your Profile after you are assigned to a rotation.
Dashboard: Navigating Multiple Account Types
Member Types:
If you have multiple ACEMAPP user types, you may now set a “primary dashboard.” Your primary dashboard is the page you are automatically directed to upon logging in to ACEMAPP.
Faculty Orientation
Member Types:
Welcome to ACEMAPP! In this video, we will preview the functions of a Faculty account.  This video will include accepting invitations, completing requirements, completing
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