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Resending Email Verification Link
Member Types:
You will not be able to access your account without verifying your email. We will send a verification email to each email address on your account. Please check your email inbox, including spam folders, and click the link provided within the email to complete the verification process. Verification emails are valid for seven days, after which they will expire.
School User Orientation
Member Types:
School User Orientation Welcome to the New User tutorial. We will walk you through your main responsibilities in ACEMAPP as a school user in order for your student(s) to attend their clinical experience.
Security Questions
Member Types:
ACEMAPP uses security questions to help secure your account and provide a secondary method to identify yourself when contacting ACEMAPP Support.
Setting Entity Edit Permission
Member Types:
Students and School Coordinators must work together to ensure that information in ACEMAPP matches what is used by the school and clinical site. A student has control of the General Information in their profile. In some cases, schools and clinical sites will also want to have the ability to edit this information. Students must grant permission to their respective entity if the entity wants to be able to update student's general information. 
Student Dashboard
Member Types:
The Central Dashboard connects you to other aspects of ACEMAPP and provides a single central hub to connect to your member account(s).
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