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Accessing a Student's Transcript
Accessing a student's transcript is a great way to review and/or export their personalized information and data stored in ACEMAPP. This includes Licenses, Assessment History, Course History, Requirement information, Rotation History, and more.
Accessing Your Transcript
Your transcript is a great way to review and export the personal information that you store in ACEMAPP such as assessment history, rotation history, rotation requirements, and general information.
Announcement - Rotations
Rotation Announcements The Rotation Announcement system allows announcements to be released and sent to both clinical and school coordinators when a rotation matches specific, pre-defined criteria. 
Announcements are located on the bottom-left side of your dashboard. They are created by either your school and/or the clinical site at which you will be attending your rotation(s) and contain important information, so be sure to check here often.
Approved Rotations within 3 Weeks (Table)
View approved rotations easily from your home screen and see if your students are compliant for upcoming rotations.
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