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Employee Designation - Managing Employee Requests
Adding a member (i.e., Student, Faculty, etc.) as an employee of your organization will allow you to quickly manage their requirements and assessments. This will allow them to be assigned to rotations without the need to fulfill the requirement themselves.
Employer Report
Recruiters can pull reports on the data in ACEMAPP Careers. 
Evaluation - Report
ACEMAPP's evaluation and feedback features allow for comprehensive reporting with cross-tabulation capacities.
Expiring Member Report
The Expiring Member Report shows members (by member type) which have an expiring requirement within an indicated, upcoming number of days.
Form Hours Report
The Form Hours report allows you as the School Coordinator/Instructor to view the total hours that students have logged for a specific course. This report will also provide further details including what forms were approved by the school and the specific rotation ID number. You may view the results in your browser or export this data to a spreadsheet for your records.
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