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Requirement Ownership Report
Member Types:
If your entity is utilizing the Requirement Ownership feature, this report gives you a quick view and access to those members which have not been checked by an authorized user.
Rotation Data Report
Member Types:
The Rotation Data Report is a custom report in that you select the Member Type and what Fields you want to see. Much like the Personalized Data Report, however, this runs by Member First.
Rotation Export Data
Member Types:
Export selected rotation data to a single CSV file or multiple files. The Mass Export All feature exports all rotations as well as member information into one csv file.
Rotation Member Compliance Report
Member Types:
This report, like the Incomplete Member Report, shows all members who are non-compliant. This report is meant to replace the Incomplete Member Report.
Rotation Member Report
Member Types:
The Rotation Member Report is a way to view your members by rotation, along with information on the rotation.
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