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Member Assignment Report
The Member Assignment Report lists members and shows current rotations they are assigned to.
Notify Partner(s) of Roster
Once the roster for a rotation is complete, the rotation needs to be finalized by notifying the site of the roster. The roster can be sent automatically or manually once the clinical rotation is in "Approved" status and all assigned members are fully compliant. For the roster to send automatically, the "Is this Roster Complete" toggle must be set to "Yes." If this toggle is set to "No," the roster will need to be manually sent by clicking on the "Run Roster Sender" button on the rotation management page.
On Site Report
View members who are on-site for rotations at/from partnering organizations on any given date. Use optional filters such as course, unit, or partner, to narrow your results. You may email members directly from this report and export results to a CSV format.
Opt-Out Email Messages
While constantly getting email notifications can be annoying we have an Opt-Out feature that turns off these notifications so you do not not need to mark ACEMAPP email as Spam.  Once an email is tagged as Spam it is always considered as Spam/Junk and any email sent will not reach your inbox.
Opt-out Email Report
ACEMAPP allows members to control the messages or emails they receive from ACEMAPP. The Opt-out Email Report allows you to view the members associated with your organization who have decided to opt-out of emails.
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