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Rotation Schedule report
Member Types:
Build and save a customized view of rotations either present or historical. Save queries to also run at a later date.
The Schedule Report
Member Types:
The Schedule report allows you to view all students schedules all at once, either in a Calendar view or a List view, or even a generated .CSV to allow you to import the data into a spreadsheet program.
Unit Availability Report/Calendar
Member Types:
As a Coordinator, this report allows you to choose one of your partner organizations and view the potential availability of their units. 
Unit Schedules report
Member Types:
Unit Schedules report, this report allows you to see schedules for each unit, or a specific unit, at a glance.
Waiver report
Member Types:
The Waiver Report allows you to view the number of waivers being made, filtered by member type, requirement, and who the associated entities are.
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