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Member Types:
ACEMAPP hosts SCORM courses for some organizations. SCORM courses have stricter compliance guidelines than other courses you may complete in ACEMAPP.
Student User Guide
Member Types:
ACEMAPP is online document management, learning, and certification system. Your responsibility is to stay up to date with your ACEMAPP account, including checking your inbox for reminders and alerts.
Submitting Personal Schedule
Member Types:
Personal schedules allow you to track non-rotation events, such as class schedules or time with your preceptor.
Uploading Tiered Requirements
Member Types:
Tiered requirements allow for different options to complete the overall requirement. These options, or "tiers," are determined by the organization for which the requirement is set up.
Verify Students (Corporate Screening)
Member Types:
ACEMAPP interfaces with Verify Students (by Corporate Screening) to simplify the compliance process for members. Verify Students is used for background checks and drug screens.
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