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Clinical Site User Guide
Member Types:
ACEMAPP is a collaborative platform for healthcare education, recruitment, and professional development. Your role as a clinical site member allows you to access
several features.
Completing Evaluations
Member Types:
Your school and/or clinical site may assign you an evaluation to complete in ACEMAPP. You will receive a notification on your home page when you have an evaluation that you need to complete.
Complio (American DataBank)
Member Types:
ACEMAPP interfaces with Complio (by American DataBank) to simplify the compliance process for members (i.e., Students, Faculty, etc.). Complio's services include background check and drug screen processing, as well as clinical requirement verification.
Coordinator Contact
Member Types:
The Coordinator Contact Form allows you the ability to update your contact information and share with other coordinators.
Member Types:
Please follow these steps to create a rotation request with one of your partnered entities in ACEMAPP.
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