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Create Case Logs
Member Types:
The Case Log system allows students to document their case log information into ACEMAPP. It is important to document the breadth of your experience and to monitor your experience to ensure you have adequate volume and variety.
Create Custom Report
Member Types:
The Create Custom report allows you to build your own report to gather the information you need in ACEMAPP. This report uses updated logic and an algorithm for speedier results.
Create Multiple Rotations in Bulk
Member Types:
Create multiple rotations at one time using the same Partner, Experience Type, and Program
Create New Member Account
Member Types:
Create new member accounts for Students, Clinical Faculty, Preceptors, and Observers using the "Add One" feature.
Create Time Logs
Member Types:
Time logs track your time spent with preceptors. You can connect your time logs to the specific skills that were observed, assisted with, or performed during your time with your preceptor.
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