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Managing Member Requirement Dates
Member Types:
As a school or clinical coordinator, you can enter individual completion and expiration dates for requirements. Bulk uploading requirement dates allows you to enter dates for multiple students at the same time.
Managing Member Tiered Requirements
Member Types:
Tiered requirements are divided into separate groups for completion used to manage requirements belonging to a series. Please review the description in the tiered requirement to ensure member documents or completion dates are uploaded/entered into the appropriate group to meet compliance. The student must select only one group to upload/enter completion dates according to how they meet compliance. Students will not show compliance if they upload or have completion dates entered within multiple groups for a tiered requirement.
Membership Period: How to Make a Payment
Member Types:
Your membership date is set by your School Coordinator upon registration into ACEMAPP, and is good for one year. This information is located on the left-side of your dashboard in the "Membership Period" window.
Partnership Directory: Contact Coordinators
Member Types:
The partnership directory "Contacts" page displays contact information for coordinators with other organizations.
Partnerships: Approve & Deny Requests
Member Types:
The partnership directory is where schools and clinical sites manage their partnerships in ACEMAPP. Use the partnership directory to manage partnership requests and partnership documents.
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