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Member Types:
When creating a new student account, it is required for you to enter the member's Access Due Date.  The Access Due Date refers to the student(s) membership period.  In most cases, students receive access to ACEMAPP 30 days before this date to begin completing their requirements and assessments. Once the Access Due Date is set and the student logs into their account, the Access Due Date is not able to be changed.
Member Types:
The Access End Date, previously known as the Graduation Date, is used to clarify when the student should no longer have access to your Entity. Once this date arrives, the student will automatically lose its active affiliation with your organization.
Accessing a Member's ePortfolio
Member Types:
Accessing a Student's ePortfolio Accessing a student's ePortfolio to see their educational, professional and any extra-curricular accomplishments they have uploaded into ACEMAPP.
Accessing a Student's Transcript
Member Types:
Accessing a student's transcript is a great way to review and/or export their personalized information and data stored in ACEMAPP. This includes Licenses, Assessment History, Course History, Requirement information, Rotation History, and more.
Approving Member Affiliation Requests
Member Types:
Manage affiliations of students or members that are still pending approval, either your approval or theirs.
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