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Preceptor Assignment Report
The Preceptor Assignment Report lists preceptors and shows the current rotation(s) they are assigned to.
Preceptor Certificates
Preceptor certificates are meant to serve as a token of appreciation from schools. The following certificate indicates the clinical course and hours spent in clinical precepting. Thes hours can be applied to the recertification process of a preceptor. Preceptor certificates are housed within your time log menu.
Preceptors - Managing Your Schedule
Preceptor Account- Manage Your Schedule
Preceptors - Your Profile Page
I'm a Preceptor in ACEMAPP, now what? To complete your preceptor account, make sure to complete your profile information.
Request Partnerships
The Partner Directory is where you can see all your institutions to institution partnerships.  You can also request additional partnerships, see pending partnerships, and see and manage any documents associated with the two. In order to request a rotation, the Site will need to be listed in the Active Partnerships tab. 
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