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Employee Designation - How to Request Employee Status
As a Faculty how do I request to be an employee of my ACEMAPP employer? Dear ACEMAPP Faculty, congratulations on becoming an employee at an ACEMAPP Clinical Site or School. Let’s make this (Faculty to Employee) connection
Employee Designation - Student
Here is how you transition from being a student assigned at a clinical site to an employee who works for that same clinical site.
Entity Edit Permission
Students and School Coordinators must work together to ensure that information in ACEMAPP matches what is used by the school and clinical site. A student has control of the General Information in their profile. In some cases, schools and sites will want to also have the ability to edit this information. Students must grant permission to their respected entity if entity wants to be able to update student's general information. 
Entity User Permission Feature
The Permissions Feature, when enabled allows you to view and edit permissions to specific areas of ACEMAPP. Note: This feature is optional, please contact ACEMAPP Support to enable this feature for your
Faux View
Coordinators now have the option to see a faux view of a member's account (student, high school student, company staff, and observers). This feature is view only with no option to click on anything but will give you a view of what the member sees from their main dashboard.
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