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Member Requirement Document Log
The Member Requirement Document Log gives entity coordinators access to various filters for viewing documents that have been uploaded by members. You can filter by "Display Approved," "Display Pending," and "Display Denied." Based on the filters set, ACEMAPP will pull all requirement documents for you to review and display audit data.
Member Status Types
You can set members to different status types. In this article, we explain what each status means.
Notify Partner(s) of Roster
Once the roster for a rotation is complete, the rotation needs to be finalized by notifying the site of the roster. The roster can be sent automatically or manually once the clinical rotation is in "Approved" status and all assigned members are fully compliant. For the roster to send automatically, the "Is this Roster Complete" toggle must be set to "Yes." If this toggle is set to "No," the roster will need to be manually sent by clicking on the "Run Roster Sender" button on the rotation management page.
Personal Schedule Report - Faculty
To see students personal schedules that are entered in ACEMAPP.
Personal Schedules
Personal schedules allow you to track non-rotation events, such as class schedules or time with your preceptor.
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