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2020 - 2021 Michigan Flu Deadlines
Here, you can review the list of flu deadlines for our Clinical Partners in Michigan. This document lists the dates for each individual clinical site in which the 2020-2021 Annual Influenza Vaccination will begin to affect compliance for Students &/or Clinical Faculty.
Advanced Course Setup - Configuration View
When using ACEMAPP's course type rotations, you can see what requirements are attached to that course, as well as assessments, shared fields, and all other Requirements attached to the course.
Advanced Unit Setup - Configuration View
Advanced Unit Setup - Configuration View, Units can have their own set of requirements set-up on them. To view how your units are set-up you can go to the "Edit Units" page and see all attached requirements
Assessments: Review & Reset Attempts
If a member does not pass an assessment in the number of tries allotted, you can reset the assessment allowing them more attempts.
Certification of Completion for Assessments
Did you successfully pass your ACEMAPP courses and assessments? Now, you can print or download a Certificate of Completion.
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