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Signing Forms Electronically
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ACEMAPP allows schools and clinical sites to cut down on paperwork by providing members with the ability to sign documents electronically.
Uploading Tiered Requirements
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Tiered requirements allow for different options to complete the overall requirement. These options, or "tiers," are determined by the organization the requirement is set up for.

Instructions on how to complete each tiered requirement are included in the Requirement Description.
Uploading Your ACEMAPP Requirements
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Completing your ACEMAPP requirements is an essential first step toward participating in a clinical rotation. The documents you upload through ACEMAPP are available for your school coordinator to review.
Waiver Requirements
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Using ACEMAPP's Requirement system allows the tracking of requirements in one easy location.  Within this system is the Waiver system. This system allows you to waive certain requirements your organization may have.
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