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Upcoming Rotations - Send Your Roster!
As a school or clinical site coordinator, checking if the rotation roster has been sent can be done by reviewing the list of "Approved Rotations Starting Within 3 Weeks" on your home page or by checking the "Roster Sent" column on the "View Rotations" table.
Upload Files into an Existing Rotation
You now have the option to upload files directly into a rotation. This can be a helpful feature when there are additional items or information you wish to provide to the partnering entity.
View Rotations
In ACEMAPP, you can view all rotations you are assigned to by your school or clinical entity. These can vary by type depending on how your institution manages these rotations.
View Rotations - Entity
As a coordinator, you can view all rotations associated with your organization and the program(s) which you are associated with. Note: You can only view rotations with programs you have a direct connection with in ACEMAPP. 
View Rotations - Student
Throughout your time as a student in ACEMAPP, you could be placed in multiple rotations. ACEMAPP has multiple rotation types, clinical (precepted/cohort), personal schedules,  and course assignments.
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