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Evaluation - Attaching to Rotation
To have an evaluation distributed with a specific rotation, attach an evaluation to that rotation.  ACEMAPP provides multiple customization options; please contact ACEMAPP to get an Evaluation to meet your specific needs.
Evaluation - Managing
This will show you how to check what evaluations (if any) have been attached to a rotation. Also, when you are attaching an evaluation to a rotation, you will be able to see what's already been assigned.
Faculty Document Access
The Faculty Document Manager allows you to give access to a Faculty member assigned to a rotation to approve or deny a requirement document associated with that rotation.
Faculty Document Manager
The Faculty Document Manager (when enabled by the school) allows faculty the ability to approve or deny student requirement documents associated with any rotation they are assigned to.
Manage Rotations
The Manage Rotation screen allows you to change/edit the general information of the rotation. Recommend when making a change to an already created rotation that you also comment to let the other entity
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