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Profile Completion Report
When a rotation roster is finalized by the school, you will receive an email with a Profile Completion Report attached. After that, you can always access an up to date report in ACEMAPP by finding the Profile Completion Repot.
Replicate Rotations
The Replicate Rotations tool allows you to copy & paste any rotations you’ve created in the past within the ACEMAPP program. While copying, you’ll have the opportunity to change details of the rotation as well as add new rotations.
Request Partnerships
The Partner Directory is where you can see all your institutions to institution partnerships.  You can also request additional partnerships, see pending partnerships, and see and manage any documents associated with the two. In order to request a rotation, the Site will need to be listed in the Active Partnerships tab. 
Reviewing Rotation Requests
Reviewing rotation requests is an important step in coordinating clinical rotations. You may either use the “Quick Decide” feature, click on the “Edit” button to view more information and approve or deny requests.
Reviewing Rotation Requests - Bulk
It is important to review rotation requests, as this is part of the workflow of ACEMAPP rotations. You may either the “Bulk Decide” feature, or use the “Quick Decide” option (covered in a seperate
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