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Rotation Member Report
The Rotation Member Report is a way to view your members by rotation, along with information on the rotation.
Rotation Preparedness Report
The Rotation Preparedness Report allows you to view the completeness of members (i.e., Students, Faculty, etc.) assigned to approved and pending rotations. The list will also display members (i.e., Students, Faculty, etc.) who have missing requirements and whether the roster has been sent.
Rotation Roster Set Email
The Rotation Roster Set email includes a link to a page where you can download the Profile Completion Report.
Rotation Rosters
Rotation rosters are used to keep track of which members (students, faculty, etc.) will be attending each clinical site. The rotation roster gives the clinical site access to view member compliance records and profile data, in addition to the clinical rotation information, which is used for onboarding.
Rotation Submission Schedules: 2020-2021
Rotation upload schedules vary by region. Please click on your state or region below to download your specific bulk upload schedule.
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