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Unit Availability Report/Calendar
As a Coordinator, this report allows you to choose one of your partner organizations and view the potential availability of their units. 
Unit Placement Report
Unit Placement Report This report allows you to see schedules for each unit, or a specific unit, at a glance.
Units - Creating
You can easily create 'Units' for your clinical institution, allowing you to have multiple units.
Upcoming Rotations - Send Your Roster!
As an administrator or clinical coordinator, checking if the rotation roster has been sent can be done by reviewing the list of "Approved Rotations Starting Within 3 Weeks" on your home page or by checking the "Roster Sent" column on the "View Rotations" table.
Upload Files into an Existing Rotation
You now have the option to upload files directly into a rotation. This can be a helpful feature when there are additional items or information you wish to provide to the partnering entity.
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