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Checking Evaluation Completion Status
Member Types:
If your organization allows access to check completion status, you can view which assigned members have completed the evaluation. Note: this is an optional feature and must be enabled during Evaluation Creation.
Completing Evaluation Awaiting Approval
Member Types:
When you receive a notification that you have an evaluation "Awaiting Approval," follow these steps to view the evaluation and sign off electronically.
Completing Evaluations
Member Types:
Your school and/or the clinical site may assign you an evaluation to complete in ACEMAPP. You will receive a notification on your home page when you have an evaluation that you need to complete.
Evaluation Member List
Member Types:
When you have an evaluation, you can navigate to the member list to see which members still need to complete the evaluation, which has expired, and you may resent expired evaluations.
Evaluation Results Report Page
Member Types:
You are able to report on the evaluation information your members have submitted.
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