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Central Dashboard - Student
The Central Dashboard connects you to other aspects of ACEMAPP and provides a single central hub to connect to your member account(s).
Manage Affiliations with Schools or Clinical Sites - Member
As a member in ACEMAPP, your affiliations represent who you work with in ACEMAPP and which organizations have access to your information. When sites (like a school or clinical site) request an affiliation, you will be notified via email and connect by following these steps.
Set Up Your New ACEMAPP Account
Welcome to your ACEMAPP account. If you're just getting started with your account, there are a few steps you need to complete to be assigned to rotations.
Uploading Your ACEMAPP Requirements
Completing your ACEMAPP requirements is an essential first step toward participating in a clinical rotation. The documents you upload through ACEMAPP go to your school coordinator for approval.