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Accessing Your Transcript
Your transcript is a great way to review and export the personal information that you store in ACEMAPP such as assessment history, rotation history, rotation requirements, and general information.
Announcements are located on the bottom-left side of your dashboard. They are created by either your school and/or the clinical site at which you will be attending your rotation(s) and contain important information, so be sure to check here often.
Bulk Uploading New Member
Bulk uploading members is a quick and efficient way to add new members for management within the ACEMAPP system. Use the Invitation system to invite existing members to a new organization or to change their program.
Case Logs - Student
The Case Log system allows you to input case log information into ACEMAPP as required for certain courses.  It is important to document the breadth of your experience and to monitor your experience to
Case Logs Report (Students)
Case Log Reports will take all case logs attached to your account and present it in a more user friendly format.  You can generate reports at any time to monitor your experience and type of experience.
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