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Personal Schedules
Personal schedules allow you to track non-rotation events, such as class schedules or time with your preceptor. From your dashboard, click “Personal Schedule” 1. Next to your program name, click “Create
SCORM Courses
ACEMAPP hosts SCORM courses for some organizations. SCORM courses have stricter compliance guidelines than other courses you may complete in ACEMAPP. Please follow the steps outlined below to successfully
Search & Request a Placement
Requesting a placement is an important first step toward completing your clinical experience. Preceptors will review your request and you will be notified when you are approved or denied.
Set Up Your New ACEMAPP Account
Welcome to your ACEMAPP account. If you're just getting started with your account, there are a few steps you need to complete to be assigned to rotations.
Time Logs - Student
Time Logs are used to track your time spent at a placement in accordance to a course that you are completing. Completing a Time Log can be done straight from your student dashboard.
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